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shatterproof updated shatterproof updated

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Overall, solid

Oh man, cool progressions going on here. Maybe a BIT excessive delay on that synth at the beginning? Not sure, it seems to bleed a little more than it should at some parts. Wasn't a huge fan of the piano accidentals, although they were well-implemented and didn't exactly sound out of place. Although some people might comment on the low volume of that clap later on, I actually really like the way it sits. REALLY cool chip-glitch stuff going on later on, right up my alley there! Not really sure whether or not the track has a certain direction or not though so far.

Overall pretty solid. Sorry, I couldn't find the track you suggested I listened to on your review, so I reviewed this one. Well done!

PolyVerse responds:

thanks for the detailed feedback. Wish all reviews were are specific as yours!

Zelda Temple theme remix Zelda Temple theme remix

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It needs work but it's still good

I think this could be a lot better if some issues were fixed up, primarily the panning. It seems like all of the instruments are panned in the right ear, and not enough in the left, which is kind of annoying. I like the unique choice of instruments, it gives it a totally new feel. I also think the addition of a good bass would give this a lot more depth and fill up that low range a little more. As far as the percussion goes, it's good, but I think could use more hats.

Overall good work. :)

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Sxafido responds:

Thanks, but I don't understand all of what you're saying. I used to work with a partition software and I know nothing in sound engineering, this is totally new for me. I'm a little afraid about learning all of this things, but maybe it will work if I improve my work step by step.

I uploaded this music to the Audio Portal because the author of the game told me to do it. I think that it's important to make something I like, but also to know what people think about it. Thanks for your advice.